Imagine intimate stories woven into our everyday environments. Where movement spins human tales of ordinary lives. This is Glass House Dance, a place where everyone is invited to watch and participate.

Visionary, Challenging, Passionate & Poignant...

Glass House Dance was set up by Sarah Lewis and Laura McGill to take the high art of contemporary dance into the heart of the community. They create essentially human, touching dance pieces with wide appeal for performance in public spaces.
Glass House Dance offers opportunity. People of all ages are invited to experience dance, working with professionals in a process of intergenerational collaboration, exploration and play. It is a shared route, a journey to celebrate the commonality of being human. Everybody carries a story within and the beauty and challenge of Glass House Dance is to set those stories in motion.
Laura McGill and Sarah Lewis are visionary dance artists, choreographers and teachers. They have worked with all ages in schools and the community, sharing experience, inspired by the rich complexities of being human.
Laura McGill Co-Director
Sarah Lewis Co-Director
Luke Brown
KJ Mortimer
Jo Galbraith
Jake Goode
Elizabeth Taylor
Ronnie Beecham
Gaelin Little
Hayley Barker
Josh Hutchby